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Tuesday, 7 December 2021

The Smart Home of Today and Technology

The past two years have accelerated the adoption of smart technology and home entertainment within the comforts of our living room. With the majority of the population being restricted indoors and most working remotely, usual activities, places, and events that earlier broke the monotony of the daily routine were stripped away, with one’s own home becoming the modern-day comfort zone. 

According to a Statista report, the Indian smart home market is expected to be around $6 billion by 2022, a two-fold increase from $3 billion estimated in 2020. Globally, this number is expected to reach $53.45 billion by 2022. This is due to the higher acceptance for home appliances or devices that are smart, connected, energy efficient. With an increasing focus on wellness and improving lifestyle want to enhance their homes with smart products that make their chaotic routines interesting and easy. Modern-day consumers are looking at upgrading their homes with devices that provide them with a unique experience every time they say, “Hi! Show me something new today.”

To meet the evolving needs of the customers, LG through its cutting-edge appliances, air solutions and home entertainment devices created a modern-day smart home for better-connected living. Delivering the best-in-class user experience, LG’s TVs feature webOS 6.0. The smart TV platform features built-in Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa, offering access to many of the most popular streaming apps. Consumers can experience the wonders of AI - artificial intelligence as only an LG TV comes with AI ThinQ, an innovative and intelligent design to control your TV and appliances in one’s home. It runs on voice commands and opens new possibilities for comfort and luxury. The home screen has been redesigned to show everything worth watching, all in one place. One can enjoy personalized content recommendations based on their watch history, quick access to a variety of content, and easier control of connected devices.

Featured in LG’s Nano Cell & UHD TVs, Quad-Core Processor 4K removes video noise and creates more vibrant colour and contrast. Low-resolution images are upscaled and reproduced at close to 4K quality. Packed with AI capabilities, the processor also knows when, where, and how to improve the sound, creating virtual surround sound for a more immersive and cinematic experience. A light sensor measures the surrounding ambient light, then the processor finely adjusts tone mapping for optimal screen brightness. 

Housing the Magic Remote, LG TVs come with an ergonomic design that's easy to hold and a point and scroll system that allows faster searching. The remote comes with dedicated hotkeys for popular content and AI service providers, allowing users to jump to their favourite services with just a quick push of a button.

What’s more, LG Magic Remote not only controls your TV but your other  LG-connected devices too, and one can complete their smart adaptive viewing experience with voice-responsive LG smart audio devices like LG Soundbar AI ThinQ which supply immersive sound that changes settings according to content. These soundbars come with built-in Google Assistant and LG's ThinQ that turn your soundbars into your manager. Search for anything on Google, play music, control your connected LG ThinQ home appliances, or check their status - all with just a soundbar.

The LG soundbars also come with AI Room Calibration that uses algorithms to configure the best audio settings for your soundbar basis where you place it in just 15 seconds!

Disclaimer: Above article is a guest post on behalf of LG and is not authored by any of Tech Siddhi writers.


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