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Wednesday, 29 June 2022

Huawei Global AI Challenge Now Underway, opportunity to win USD 210,000 prize money for students

The 2022 Huawei GLOBAL AI CHALLENGE was officially launched and opened to online registration, with all full-time students who are formally enrolled at a higher-education institution now eligible to enroll in the competition and compete for US$210,000 in prize money. The competition is jointly held by the Jiangsu Association of Artificial Intelligence (JSAI), Huawei Consumer Cloud Service Department, and Huawei Nanjing Research Center, and aims to engage with aspiring young developers who share a passion for AI, as well as a commitment to applying AI to more scenarios for a fully connected, intelligent world.

The Huawei GLOBAL AI CHALLENGE is now in its fourth consecutive year since its start in 2019, and had attracted 2,500+ algorithm submissions, from nearly 8,000 teams in 45 countries and regions over its first three years. More than 150 contestants have been awarded. A number of outstanding contestants from the top universities and colleges in China were enrolled by Huawei. The competition marries theory with practice, bringing together young talent to nurture new AI technologies in both a theoretical and practical sense.


Wang Yue, President of Huawei Consumer Cloud Service Application Ecosystem BU, set forth the competition's lofty ambitions, noting, "The development of AI has ushered in an era of ubiquitous intelligence. We aim to inspire global campus talent to explore new AI frontiers, and solve global problems."


Advice from internationally renowned experts and Huawei professionals

The competition has been enriched by the contributions of acclaimed international AI experts, who provide contestants with advice and mentorships. This year's slate of experts includes Zhi-Hua Zhou, Professor and Head of the Department of Computer Science and Technology at Nanjing University and a foreign member of the Academy of Europe; Pascal Van Hentenryck, AAAI Fellow, A. Russell Chandler III Chair, and Professor at the H. Milton Stewart School; and Giuseppe De Giacomo, AAAI Fellow, ACM Fellow, and Full Professor at Sapienza University of Rome.


Professor Zhou has served as a member of the advisory panel of the GLOBAL AI CHALLENGE for three consecutive years, and played an important role in the competition, noting at the launch event, "Many excellent contestants and solutions were highly praised by the judging panel in past three years. I wholeheartedly believe that this year's contest will witness a new wave of impressive solutions, and more up and coming talent will have a chance to shine."


15 AI experts from top universities and colleges in China form the distinguished judging panel, and accomplished Huawei technical personnel will share their firsthand experiences. Their expertise will bring an element of industry authority to the competition, and promote industrial and academic achievements, as well as research.


Three contest proposals, addressing real world challenges

Experts assessed potential contest proposals using the following five criteria: technical innovation, practical value, risk assessment, popularity, and difficulty, and ultimately settled on three proposals, encompassing practical application of AI in ad recommendations, mapping, and interactive media services. The proposals involve cutting-edge technologies, including machine learning, computer vision (CV), natural language processing (NLP), and decision intelligence, and encourage contestants to explore new solutions.


The first proposal is "knowledge-driven spoken dialogue". Chatbots are often let down by their passiveness, which often leads to meaningless responses to user requests and limited information. That is why a dialogue system that is capable of interpreting messages and being informative is needed. The dialogue models contestants create are expected to be more robust when encountering word and syntax errors, providing users with responses that meet their expectations.


The second proposal is "intelligent quality inspection of lane rendering data". When a navigation service is opened, the map background is generated through data rendering. However, issues with retrieving data may cause errors in lane-level images rendered using such data. To effectively and efficiently spot such data, a high-quality intelligent quality inspection model is needed. We believe that this proposal will rally talent from around the world in the CV domain.


The last proposal is "CTR prediction through cross-domain data from ads and news feeds". Since the user behavior types that can be identified are limited if only data from the ads domain is used, contestants are expected to enhance ads click-through rate (CTR) prediction accuracy by leveraging ad logs, user profiles, and cross-domain data.



Prize money up for grabs

The contest was opened to registration on June 24, and will include preliminary (June 24 to August 24) and elite final (September 3 to mid-September) stages. Following an online competition in the preliminary stage, seven teams will be selected from each proposal to enter the elite final, where a total of 21 teams for the three proposals will compete for cash prizes via an online competition and presentation.


Huawei's Shining Star Program has set aside a total of US$210,000 as prize money for the contest, which will be distributed to the top seven teams for each of the three proposals. The champion will be awarded US$35,000, the first runner-up US$15,000, and the second runner-up US$10,000. In addition, four teams will earn an honorary mention, which entitles them to US$2,500.


The GLOBAL AI CHALLENGE is a unique opportunity to explore the boundaries of data science, algorithms, and AI. We warmly invite all student developers who are daring enough to challenge themselves, to showcase their best work to the wider world.


Click here to register today!

Saturday, 4 June 2022

Samsung Opens Pre-Reserve for The Much-Awaited Smart Monitor M8 in India with Exciting Offers

Samsung Smart Monitor M8, the latest addition to its premium lifestyle smart monitor series, is set to come to India soon. From June 3-9, 2022, Smart Monitor M8 can be pre-reserved on Samsung’s official online store Samsung Shop


Consumers can pre-reserve Smart Monitor M8 for INR 3,000 and get an INR 5,000 coupon that can be availed while making the purchase. Consumers will also get free Galaxy Buds2 and a wireless keyboard.


Samsung launched world’s first Smart Monitor in India in April 2021. The latest addition to the series is Smart Monitor M8. It comes with futuristic design to enhance the glam quotient of your living space and offers advanced video calling and IoT features. Smart Monitor M8 enables a seamless transition between work and entertainment. When the work is done, it allows users to enjoy a variety of OTT services, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV and Samsung TV plus via Wi-Fi.

In addition to above, the Monitor also comes with SlimFit camera that can be tilted to adjust viewing angles and detach as well to protect your privacy.

The monitor comes with its own processing and apps, which means that you don't need to connect a computer for browsing web or even working on productivity apps like Microsoft office 365. 

If above features and offer excites you, then we suggest not to wait and get your pre-reserve pass to enjoy additional benefits. In case you change your mind, then you can simply apply for cancellation as FAQ's on official website suggest. Below is the exact answer to refund question from Samsung.

You can cancel Pre-reserve benefits by accessing (My Account >> Orders >> Cancel) or you can get in touch with us at and we would refund 100% of amount paid during Pre-reserve.

Sunday, 1 May 2022

StockEdge, fintech by Elearnmarkets launched new transactions feature on its app

 StockEdge, a fintech app by  Elearnmarkets, India’s popular financial education platform, launched many cutting-edge features including transactions from its app. Now all StockEdge users will be able to place the order directly from the app with their respective brokers including Zerodha, Kotak Securities, Groww and more. The platform announced the new feature at its first edition of Face2Face Mega Trading Conclave in Goa from 26 to 29 April 2022. Having 3 million app downloads, the new feature on StockEdge will benefit its huge user base. 

This 3-day Mega Trading Conclave consisted of many learning sessions for attendees. At the event veteran trader Asit Baran Pati conducted a session on Options Buying Strategies with the help of different trading indicators and Vishal Malkan gave tips on Short-term trading using technical patterns. Vivek Bajaj also discussed short term Swing trading Strategies using Relative Strength.


Famous Options Scalper Sivakumar Jayachandran showcased participants how to make money in Options trading using 2-Candle Theory. To educate participants about the market structure renowned personality Piyush Chaudhry took a session on multi-Asset trading and Kunal Saraogi trained about the Trading with Volume Aberrations.


The Live Trading session on the last day of the conclave under, Vijay Thakare, Sivakumar Jayachandran, Asit Baran Pati, Chetan Panchamia, Vishal Malkan and Kunal Saraogi gave a platform to the attendees to apply the strategies they learnt in the last 2 days and helped them book good profits.


Mr. Vivek Bajaj, Co-founder, StockEdge and Elearnmarkets while talking about the success of his brainchild affirmed, “Financial literacy has been very low in India and since beginning that is our motto to make our user skilled with market trends to further all financial investment. We are really overwhelmed to see the participation and learning session participants attended. We found Conclave a right platform to launch the Trade feature at StockEdge. Trading during live markets gave the participant exposure to managing the trade in terms of position sizing, psychology, and risk management. With this success we are more committed to bring such offline and line events for the investors to skill them for investment ready”


With the success of its first edition Face2Face mega trading conclave is expected to become one of the most prestigious HubSpot in India for stock market participants.



Wednesday, 13 April 2022

PLAY launches PLAYGO MUZE, PLAYGO BUDSLITE and PLAYGO FLAUNT; Wireless Speaker, TWS and Neckbands

PLAY, is all set to get the party started with three new-age product launches in start of new financial year viz.

       PLAYGO MUZE (Premium Karaoke Wireless Speaker),

       PLAYGO BUDSLITE (Revolutionary Wireless Earbuds) and

       PLAYGO FLAUNT (Stylish Wireless Neckband).


These high-octane and “Made in India” products, deliver a truly captivating, immersive music experience and promise to set the party rolling for the audiophile Indian consumers. Available at popular e-commerce platforms and PLAY’s official website (, consumers can buy these new-launch devices at a price of INR 2499, INR 1,399 and INR 1,199, respectively.


Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Hamish Patel – Chief Product Officer, PLAY said, “We are delighted to announce our latest batch of absolute party cracker innovations that are yet another “Made in India” products. The trio of PLAYGO MUZE, PLAYGO BUDSLITE and PLAYGO FLAUNT are designed and manufactured in line with the demand and aspiration of our discerning consumers. These products are few more addition to our best-in-class product portfolio, which boasts of impeccable design, quality, and comfort, leading to a heart throbbing and immersive audio experience. With the launch of these affordable and new age products, we aim to further enhance our product offering for our Indian customers.


Here’s a brief of the newly launched PLAY products:




Available in Military Green colour, PLAYGO MUZE is a powerful 20W, premium, Karaoke, wireless Speaker. Courtesy the 20W, proprietary EBEL (Enhanced Bass, Extra Loud) sound signature, the device is pleasantly powerful yet extremely stylish & portable too. An exciting choice for party lovers who like to have an enthralling party-music experience, PLAYGO MUZE carries an inbuilt rechargeable battery of 2400 mAh which offers a PLAYtime of whopping seven long hours on a single charge itself.


The device comes with a smart LED display and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and can also be used in the True Wireless Stereo (TWS) mode, ensuring listeners can make the most of their party night by using two (2) PLAYGO MUZE together simultaneously. It also comes with an external wired microphone (in-box) which, once plugged, offers a delightful sing-along/Karaoke experience. Further, MUZE can also support (offline) music content through the USB (pen drives) & Micro-SD card. Reserving best for the last, MUZE comes with a built-in FM radio too.


Undoubtedly, it is an affordable device that fuels the inner party animal in you with its heart throbbing audio performance.




Available in the gorgeous Marsela Red, the unique deliverable for PLAYGO BUDSLITE is the sheer TWS performance. These uniquely styled and designed EarPods have an ingenious in-ear design that is embedded with an EAR-HOOK, making it easier to wear even while doing aggressive workouts of (even) Zumba. The device is also IPX4 waterproof which protects it from sweat, drizzle or splashing water. 


Integrated with Bluetooth 5.1, PLAYGO BUDSLITE comes with an in-built microphone for high-definition sound quality and crystal-clear voice communication. It also has sensitive touch controls that allows the user to easily switch calls, change music tracks, volume adjustment etc. Furthermore, listeners can also play music or make calls by giving simple voice commands using virtual assistants like Alexa™, Siri™ and Google.


The PLAYGO BUDSLITE is also integrated with the proprietary Enhanced Bass Extra Loud (EBEL) drivers. This ensures users get a powerful sound performance catering to high treble as well as deep bass. Additionally, the PLAYGO BUDSLITE has a playtime of up to 24 hours with a charging case and up to six long hours on a single charge of buds. It is important to note that the device supports Type-C connector-based speed charging.




Available in Galaxy Black and Blush Green colour, PLAYGO FLAUNT is a high-octane and panache device that is designed lightweight purposefully to elevate convenience and comfort. Sporting a futuristic design and style, the device comes with a magnetic attach in around-the-neck mode & in-ear metal buds with the stylish ear-fin hooks as well. It is also designed on the back of a powerful 10mm EBEL drivers for an enhanced music experience. The device provides approximately 14 hours of continuous, high-quality music experience. In-line with the best industry practices and designed for speed charge, the device goes from zero to full charge in

100 minutes.


An IPX4 rating makes PLAYGO FLAUNT dust, sweat, and water-resistant. You can enjoy monsoon drizzle or sweat profusely while dancing or gymming, PLAYGO FLAUNT accompanies you everywhere.


Tailored for blissful convenience, PLAYGO FLAUNT is compatible to voice assistants like Siri™, Alexa™ and Google Assistant. It helps the users to change music tracks, accept or reject calls with utmost ease. Designed on Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, PLAYGO FLAUNT provides for an easy and faster pairing with the host device. Summed-up, PLAYGO FLAUNT, indeed as the name suggests, is worthy of flaunting your choice of device and manages to outshine peers in the category.

Wednesday, 23 March 2022

TCS and IIT Madras Partner to Launch M Tech Program in Industrial Artificial Intelligence

 Tata Consultancy Services Helped Design the Course Curriculum that Upskills Working Professionals in Online Mode; First Cohort of Students to be from TCS

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has partnered with the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT M) to launch a M Tech program in Industrial Artificial Intelligence (AI) for working professionals.  

The 18-month-long course, designed in consultation with TCS, will be offered by IIT M in a completely online live teaching mode through virtual classrooms. The course is targeted at upskilling corporate employees in the applications of AI, to solve industrial problems. The first cohort of students for the program will be from TCS. 

The program will have strong theoretical courses and lab work covering data science and AI. Theoretical courses will cover concepts in fundamental mathematical techniques required for understanding data science algorithms, time series analysis, multivariate data analysis, machine learning, deep learning and reinforcement learning. Applied courses will describe implementations of AI solutions for industrial problems in a case study format.  

TCS Research partners with premier academic institutes to explore emerging technologies with scientific rigor as they gain mainstream adoption,” said K Ananth Krishnan, Chief Technology Officer, TCS. “We are happy to collaborate with IIT-Madras, a member of the TCS Academic Co-Innovation Network, to create a new M Tech program in Industrial AI for working professionals so that they gain a deeper understanding of data science and AI which they can apply to drive innovation in industry.” 

Course Coordinator Prof Raghunathan Rengasamy, Dean (Global Engagement), IIT Madras, said, “AI is going to impact every aspect of human experience in the years to come. This course, designed in partnership with TCS, will provide a unique perspective on the impact of AI in industrial systems. Leveraging AI techniques in industries can lead to processes that are robust, inherently safer and ultimately lead to environmentally benign processes.” 

The new M Tech in Industrial AI program is expected to help scale up capability across the Indian workforce in this important area, expand the knowledge ecosystem in AI and machine learning, drive innovation using these technologies, and position India as a global innovation powerhouse. 

Each subject will have one mid-term and a final examination conducted in online mode, besides project work. There will be a total of 28-30 hours of online classes per week, with post-classroom activities, such as assignments, reading, and preparation, likely to take up 20-22 hours per week.