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Thursday 12 January 2017

FreeCharge and Indus OS partners to launch Recharge 2.0 ; a payment solution integrated in OS itself

World's first Regional Operation System Indus OS and India's  leading digital payments platform Freecharge unveiled Recharge 2.0 which is unique in itself as it is a digital payment product integrated within the smartphone dialer interface. Recharge 2.0 on the Indus Dialer will enable users to have a seamless and simplified recharge experience powered through FreeCharge.

Indus OS and Freecharge - Recharge 2.0 launch

The Recharge 2.0 will help prepaid users which makes 95% of the India's mobile subscriber base. A majority of prepaid users also use fixed monthly charge for limited amount of data usage, however mostly they don't have clue how their money is spent. Recharge 2.0 aims to bridge this gap and gives features such as comprehensive analysis of usage pattern alongside real-time updates to offer more control in the hands of users. 

The OS-integrated payment innovation on Indus Dialer is seamless and accessible in the most natural interface, the phone dialer - moveing beyond the app and web interfaces as claimed. The new Indus dialer allows users one-touch access on the phone dialer to recharge through FreeCharge. Recharge 2.0 also allows users to set thresholds for low balance alerts. With detailed insights you can get to know talking to whom you spent most of your balance and on what day you spent most. Users can Recharge in just one touch. 

Responding to a question on Security of user's balance as anyone with access to dialer can misuse already configured Freecharge wallet, Mr Govind Rajan, CEO, Freecharge told that they do have more than 500 anomaly checks on Freecharge side which tracks parameters such as user's location, past transactions, recharge amount etc and reject if the transaction parameters doesn't confirm with these checks. However, on OS side there is no such protection which can be deal breaker for many.

Recharge 2.0 will be exclusively accessible to the existing 6 million plus Indus OS user base and new users of Indus OS powered devices. Indus OS is currently the #2 mobile OS in India, with a 7.6% market share. By catering to Indus OS user base via the OS-integrated brands, FreeCharge expects to scale up its recharging transactions and volumes by nearly 20%. FreeCharge currently sees a major chunk of its transaction coming through the recharge's category.


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