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About Us

Tech Siddhi :- Tech as you know stands for technology and Siddhi in hindi means complete knowledge. Tech Siddhi is a technology site, focused on cyber and technical world's news, gadgets, software tips and tricks and lot more. The site shares all kind of topics relevent to subject and empowers you with complete knowledge of what's going on in tech world.

Founded in 2012 Tech Siddhi is committed to provide you quality knowledge and information. We look forward to your support in this journey

Coming to my Personal profile, I am a Rahul. I am working as a software engineer in Hyderabad India, I like to read, experience, talk all the tech stuff around. At the same time I wish to  spread the knowledge, news whatever I have which can be helpful for people like me who loves gadgets, technology, software news etc, so to achieve the same I came up with this website.

I hope you like our posts. If you have any suggestions, comments you can contact me thru mail @ or you can contact thru our Contact Form.

Looking Forward for your continued support.

Rahul Kasana

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