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Wednesday, 29 September 2021

Top 5 features of PicsArt Photo Editor App

 Smart phones have changed the way we use our phones, one of the things that dramatically changed over the years is how we take photographs and share the same. Tech giants know that we all love sharing photos hence you have a lot of photo editing, sharing apps available on all marketplaces be it Android, iOS or Windows platforms.

We have been hearing a lot about one such app - PicsArt and decided to give it a try. I must say that we are impressed with the overwhelming features it provides for users to use. As a new user of the platform I am going to list top 5 features I liked about the application so far.

  1. One Stop Solution: The app is easy to setup and can be used for both videos and photos so no need to find different apps for different use cases. Once you are satisfied with the final version of your media you can directly share it to social media and to the followers on the app itself. So, edit photos, videos and share or save all from one app.
  2. Sketch tool: Sketch tool gives several different options to select from making the pencil outline as if it was a hand drawn sketch to giving the outline as a shadow , user can simply try and finalize the one they like for their image. 

            3. Add Text to Videos: If you are a meme lover you would know how handy it becomes to have an app where you can use a video from your group and turn it into a meme by adding text to it. PicsArt allows you to do so in a very simplistic manner. The controls are self explanatory and you will always be a step ahead in your game with this app.

            4. Object Removal: Ever faced a situation where you have got a nice photo but someone passing by in background ruined the perfect frame? We all face it at sometime in our lives, specially the busy monuments, tourist attractions, beaches you are likely to be surrounded by people and randomness associated with it. PicsArt helps you in getting rid of unwanted objects from your background without even leaving a trace behind it. This also comes in handy when you have some objects you just dont want in your photograph.

            5. Replay: Replay is my personal favorite feature of PicsArt, Replay is basically a gif of set of transitions someone has applied on their images to give it artistic view. These replays are available for try and use giving step by step details of what needs to be done to achieve same effects or even you can customize the options as per your liking. Below is an example of the same.

My photo after using replay option, I changed one of the dust effects with Rain drops

Left image in second row used as template for Replay


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