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Saturday, 30 January 2021

How to use Twitter Moments feature to tell a story

Twitter has evolved a lot since it was launched as a micro blogging site in 2006. Twitter is still popular among its users due to its minimalistic UI and features that keeps the platform relevant. Twitter Moments is one such feature which provides users a dynamic way to tell stories.

How to make most of the Twitter Moments:

Create a Moment:

        From the Moments tab, click the Create New Moment button and give a title and description to your Moment.

        Add Tweets by selecting from your liked Tweets or your past Tweets. You can also search for Tweets that you’d like to add.

        Reorder your Tweets by scrolling the top of the page and use the arrows to move up or down.

        You can also choose to delete a Tweet from your Moment by clicking on the Delete button on the right side top and bottom of that Tweet.

        Select a Cover for your Moment and crop it for web or mobile. Once you’ve set your cover image, the source will be credited below the image.

        Once finalised, click on the ‘Publish’ button at the top of the page to make your Moment live and compose a Tweet to share it with your followers.

        Additionally, you also have an option to save your Moment as a draft by clicking on ‘Finish later’ at the top of the web page.

Customise a Moment: Twitter allows you to further customise your Moment by adding a colour theme, sensitive labels, locations and private URLs. You can find these options at the top left corner of the page.

To Make a Moment Private: While creating a Moment via, you can opt for sharing a Moment privately, which will make the Moment available to those who have the link to it. Similarly, if you would like to make previously published or shared Moments visible to only you, you can select ‘Unpublish Moment’ from the dropdown menu.

Please Note: Twitter Moments can only be created when logged in on and not from your Twitter for iOS or Android app. You can also choose to follow @MomentsIndia to catch up on the best of what’s happening on Twitter in an instant.


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