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Thursday, 23 November 2017

These professionals are walking ahead by adopting online learning

Two things we often hear about the today's world is - it's moving at a speed like never before and change is the only constant thing. I think we all agree that these phrases are true for every part and person of the world irrespective of origin or location.

We human beings have always been the change initiator and also the ones who have to cope with the changes - be it technological advancements, new processes or a modern strategy to win over your customer. However, this fast-paced environment becomes the reason for decline of many organizations and individuals who fail to cope with the new paradigm. 

Organisational goals are met by collective efforts of individual employees, thus it is important that employees of an organization possess the right skills to adopt and master the change rapidly. Sadly, sometimes employees who fail to upskill themselves are handed over the infamous pink slip.

Now competition is not limited to schools, colleges or colleagues - it is you versus you. What you are now and what you can become after acquiring the right skill sets. It is about adding medals on your jersey by reinventing yourself. Here comes the challenge - why do you think people don’t invest in themselves to get more skills? If you think it is about college education or financial aspects then you are wrong. It is more about the mindset or lack of support. Besides, there is a tendency that when you are well settled you don't need to go that extra mile to add an extra arrow to your quiver. At times, non-availability of the right courses and engaging facilitators do make a difference. Whatever be the reason, you risk stagnating your growth when you don't add to your skills at the right time. Thus, we have to evolve with the market trends and requirements to provide a fillip to our career.

So how do we do it in an efficient way? First, we need flexibility to learn from anywhere. Second, we need someone to monitor our progress, answer our queries and colleagues to gain from healthy discussions. Pretty much what we get in classroom trainings, but without having to move an inch and wasting time and resources in reaching the place, without waiting too much time for feedback or clarifications. To address these issues, Talentedge  has come up with its unique SLIQ 2.0 platform powered by AI.

Talentedge brings you courses from reputed educational institutes such as XLRI, MICA IIM Kashipur, among others. Talentedge has partnered with the best institutes for these courses that are structured and carried out by their esteemed instructors. The SLIQ 2.0 platform helps students to attend live classes, ensures they are meeting the attendance criteria, and provides interactive features to ask questions, interact with faculties, students and group for any updates, clarifications and queries.

With the help of Talentedge, you can watch yourself grow in your career. To testify this effectiveness, we have a few videos of students who have completed their courses and are happy to share what feat they have achieved after upgrading themselves.

Nidhi, a working professional enrolled for course 'Televised Event Management and Production', says that learning through Talentedge was really superb and it helped her getting an Internship at Global Citizen Concert. She shares how the modules, presentations and other learning materials have helped her overcome challenges encountered in her professional journey.

Rohit Gaharwar, who has completed course on "Strategic Performance Management" from XLRI, shares similar views. He describes the course content to be well structured and compiled to cover all aspects. He shares that the faculty is excellent with good knowledge and command over the subject, which has helped him to get to the depth of the subject. He doesn't miss appreciating Talentedge for providing him with the platform and for the all-device- compatible application that enables students to be in touch with the relevant updates as well as a mechanism to make sure a student gets right notifications at the right time.

So now you know that you don't have to risk your existing jobs or quit it to take a course and upskill yourself. You can just find it on Talentedge and enroll yourself so that you can grow professionally without having to worry about your current priorities and schedules. 

Talentedge CEO Aditya Malik adds “We had students who have come back to us after doing a course from Talentedge and were explicit in telling us how this course has made a big difference in their professional lives. Not only were they able to up skill themselves, they even gained more confidence while dealing in bigger forums. This helped them see the broader prospective of business. And the best part was, with the help of Talentedge and its online courses, they were able to take a career leap in their professional lives without even disturbing their work schedule.”

So, if you are still wondering – Why Talentedge? Read on.

Talentedge is a unique platform and probably the first tech-ed platform in India with Live and Interactive sessions, chat facility for students to raise any query at any time, AI bot to answer your queries and a Student Relationship Management team to assist you further in any kind of queries. The courses are from well-reputed institutions and taught by eminent faculty members who are really experienced and supportive. The course duration, structure, modules are appropriate for each course and appreciated by the students. So what else you need from a facilitator when it has more than what you have expected? May be it is time for me to look for something in Digital Marketing or Data Sciences and take a course from Talentedge, what about you?


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