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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

5 incredibly innovative uses for Augmented Reality

If seeing is believing, ‘trying on’ seals the deal. Augmented reality or AR goes beyond VR in some key respects, enabling users to integrate real and virtual scenes — in effect, allowing us to try on products before we buy.
Here are some of the most innovative, cutting edge uses for AR technology apart from gaming that we are sure to amaze you.

Home Decor
One truly exciting application for AR and related technologies is to showcase large purchases like furniture that consumers often have trouble visualizing in their home. Asian augmented reality (AR) / virtual reality (VR) startup iStaging lets shoppers arrange furniture and appliances in their own living space. By integrating users’ own photos of their home with product images, the app gives buyers a concrete visualization of potential purchases.

interactive iStaging AR app

Enriching travel and tourism
Augmented reality can give travelers amazing new experiences. Travelers can also use AR to find information about historic events and significant buildings with Wikitude World Browser and Lonely Planet. There are even apps that bring AR out onto the hiking trails, giving users inspiring route guides and AR-enhanced topographic maps.

Wikitude World Browser is widely regarded as the king of all augmented reality browsers, and in a way, serves as a third eye of sorts. While using your smartphone’s camera in a given area, the virtual browser — along with more than 3,500 associated content providers — offers you just about any geographically-relevant information you may find valuable in your travels. Useful information is often presented in the form of Wikipedia articles detailing the hallmarks of a specific landmark, or directions to the nearest ATM location or five-star restaurant.

Education and training
Bridging the gap between the virtual and physical worlds, Augment changes the way we see, imagine, and learn about the world around us.
Augment an augmented reality (AR) app and platform enables students and teachers to visualize 3D models in the real environment, in real time, and at scale. Google Sky Map will give you the ability to identify everything in the night sky. Once installed, just point your phone upward when it’s reasonably dark and clear outside, and Google will point out all the different stars, constellations, and planets that are visible to your phone’s camera.

Shop without the hassle of changing
DressingRoom by Gap, help customers virtually “try on" clothing through a smartphone, Augmented Reality experience. This is how it works – shoppers choose a Gap style that they might be interested in purchasing. Next, they select one of five body types featured in the app so they can “try on" the piece of clothing from anywhere on a Google Tango-enabled device, and if they love it, they can buy it online.

Augmented reality in healthcare has wide reaching implications that will transform the medical sector; from providing real-time data and assistance during complicated surgical procedures, to supporting aftercare and administration, we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of Augmented Reality’s potential benefits to our health and well-being.
Smartphone AR apps today can help retrain the brains of patients suffering from chronic vertigo, help blind people ‘see’ the world around them by rendering 3D surroundings into an audio soundscape or help medical students crush their anatomy classes.
With so many different fields of innovation at their fingertips, it is no surprise that tech-savvy and design enthusiasts want their next smartphone to come equipped with the sophisticated hardware and incredible processing power that can unlock these immersive and exciting augmented reality experiences.

Google has notably been pushing AR/VR technologies with its latest Android OS. The most prominent introduction however, has been the ASUS ZenFone AR launch that took place at CES, 2017 earlier this year.

That’s not all, ASUS recently took to its Facebook and Twitter pages to post a hinting that the super smartphone is all set to launch in India. According to industry sources, the company is planning to launch a smartphone in mid - July.


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