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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Philips launches GoPure Compact 110 air purifier to combat in-car air pollution for Rs 7999/-

Amidst the debate of odd-even formula proposed by Delhi government to combat air-pollution, Philips has launched a compact air purifier to fight pollutants present in your car. Company already produces air purifier for home. Report claims that in-car pollution is three times more than that of outside.

Philips GoPure Compact 110 is a pretty compact device as the name suggest with patented filter technology implementation which is claimed to eliminate upto 99% of those in-car pollutants that are especially impacting those who have repertory problems like asthma.

The device takes only 15 minutes to purify air present in your car, it boasts an efficient three-layer filtration system that rapidly removes air pollutants. Equpped with Philips unique three-stage multi-layer filtration, Select Filter GSF80x80 outperforms other conventional air filters in eliminating 99% of PM2.5 fine particles including cigarette smoke, pollens, dust, PM 2.5, airborne virus and bacteria. It is also said to have capabilities to remove toxic gaseous chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene and TVOC which are caused by exhaust fumes and industry pollution. So you are protected against the particles in the outside air.

GoPure Compact 110 inbox contents (GoPure 110, strap, power cable, user manual)

GoPure compact 110 is easy to install as it comes with a strap which can be used to tie it up to arm rest or head rest. All you need to do is to plug in the 12V power cable that comes along with the device to your car's 12V outlet , as soon as you start your car the automatic switch will turn it on and then it takes just 15 minutes to make the air healthy for you.

Device is priced at Rs 7999/- and is expected to go on sales from first week of January on Amazon India website. We asked about the maintenance part and the good thing is that it is real easy to replace the filter, however filter would cost you around INR 1500 which should be replace after 350 odd hours of use. My fellow Blogger asked about notification system when its time to change the filter but as of now there is no such mechanism in built. That means you have to be vigilant about your filter's status and replace it when you think its the right time.


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