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Thursday, 6 August 2015

12 Answers to the "Question of the year", that will make you burst in laughter.

Bahubali has made head lines every where, Tollywood had never tasted success in this grand avatar until Bahubali was released. The genius of S.S. Rajamouli and commitment of actors made it larger than life and enough has been written about the glorious sets, number of days it took to made, how Rana Duggabati gained 32 Kg weight, VFX teams etc etc, however the movie also ended with a suspense(remember this is only the first part) which will revealed only in the next instalment of movie. The question has turned out to be most viral question of the year and has become a national debate. While people are collecting all intellect they have to answer the question logically as per the movie plot and circumstances, there are few who have given the most hilarious answers for the same. Here we have few of the best responses of such category, hope you will enjoy this.

12. You better better learn new social etiquettes.

"Kattappa killed Bahubali bcoz  Bahubali didn't add him in post "Fighting Kalakeya with Bhallala Deva, Sivagami and 2 others"

11. Seen long queues outside Hyderabad Cinema Halls?

"Kattappa could not get a movie ticket for Bahubali"

10. He was a genius of Aryabhatta's category.

"Kattappa killed Bahubali because  Bahubali had calculated ek chutki sindur ki kimat."

9. Ye Melody itni chocolaty kyn hai?

Kattappa killed Bahubali because  Bahubali asked "melody itni chocolaty kyu hai?"

8. That was real tough..

"Kattappa killed Bahubali because  Bahubali got to know Victoria's secret"

7. Hari Om, Hari Om , Hari Om

"Bahubali was a key witness in Asaram case."

6. This is another mystery of the year.

"Bahubali was involved in Vyapam case."

5. You deserved to die Bahubali, if you did this.

"Kattappa killed Bahubali because  Bahubali asked "hum chloremint kyu khate hai"

4. This makes sense only in India.

"Bahubali gave 2 eclairs to Kattappa instead of 2 Rs change."

3. Kya aapke toothpaste mein namak hai?

"Bahubali ke toothpaste me namak nhi tha"

2. After this big controversy Maggie must given a spot here.

"Bahubali served maggie to Kattappa in breakfast"

1. However the truth is.

"Bahubali sent candy crash request to Kattappa"


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