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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Mobile Apps that have made Life Uncomplicated

Life is complex. There are good days and bad, they’re days we just don’t want to get out of bed and there are nights we just can’t go to sleep.
As humans we undergo all kinds of emotions. We’re happy one minute and sad the next. We go through terrible depression and sometimes we face insurmountable joy. Through all this we have one steady companion that never leaves our side no matter what we go through. It’s closer to us than our parents now a days. It’s our mobile phones.

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When we’re happy we can’t help but share our emotions with friends on social media and when we’re sad we use the same phone to stream sad songs to make matters worse. All said and done, mobile phones have gone a long way in simplifying our life and you can download these apps to make life even simpler and cut out some drama:

Office Mobile
Apps ImageMicrosoft Office Mobile is the official Office app for the Android that brings together the power of Microsoft to your phone. With MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint, you can carry your files anywhere and access them anytime without having to worry. You can now browse through your documents including charts, presentations and animations which remain unaltered.
You can now edit documents on the go, save them through the cloud technology like One Drive and Share Point. You can also attach your edited documents to email and handle business like a pro, uninterrupted!

Like I said life is complex. And sometimes to escape the complexity we need a good movie to take our mind off. Sometimes we enjoy a tear jerking, serious film while sometimes all we want is a leave-your-brain-at-home flick that tickle our ribs. In any case you can now easily find movies running at theatres near you, their show timings as well as book tickets right from the power of your phone. Most major cinemas like PVR Cinemas, CineMAX, and BIG Cinemas are tied up with this app so you never miss a movie.
You can easily book tickets using BookMyShow Coupons exclusively from to make your next trip to the theatre even more entertaining with the benefit of added cash back along with discounts! You can not only book tickets but also read movie reviews from other viewers and major critics to make up your mind if you want to go in for a particular movie.

ES File Manager
ES File Explorer is an application manager that goes a long way in keeping your phone uncomplicated. You can now easily manage apps, files, tasks, cloud storage all under one app. You can access the files from your mobile and share them across platforms. No matter where you are, you can easily manage the resources and stay connected through 2G, 3G and Wi-Fi and share files with friends and upload them on social media as well.
This app goes a long way in keeping your phone simple just like you’d want your life to be.


When life seems messed up and all over the floor, this app really helps you organise everything you wanted to. This is an easy to use note pad memo app which lets you organise notes according to priority.
You can write notes, emails, memos and shopping lists and colour code them to know which notes are for office use, which are personal and which are on your to do list. You can edit and share the notes as well as format them according to date and delete them once you’re done. You can check the notes which you’re done finishing.
Next time you have a long shopping list, use ColorNote and go online and shop clothes using Jabong Coupons to get great deals on your shopping spree. Do make a note of these exclusive coupons!

DU Battery Saver
We’ve all been through the ordeal of having to use our phone sparingly because we’re scared to run out of battery. Smartphones truly have made life easier but they all suffer from the major flaw of short battery life. DU Battery Saver helps your battery last longer by extending battery life and protecting your phone against apps that suck the life out of your life.
It’s fast and instantly finds the problem in the phone and gives an optimised solution and you can juggle through various power modes to get the best out of your phone battery and you can save an Android battery life by up to 50% through this app and now get rid of apps that shorten the performance of the phone.

Make the best of your smartphone to make life truly simplified and uncomplicated it by letting your phones handle through your life’s worries. You have the power in your hand and it’s time to unleash it!

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