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Sunday, 1 June 2014

How I wish to be Transformed with ASUS T100

Electronics Gadgets have changed a lot over the years, from bulky mobile phones with only calling facility to Smartphones with a hell lot of features included. Earlier we had dedicated devices for calling, photography, music, calculator, time keeping etc, now an average Smartphone or Tablet can do it all for you.

I use my smartphone (Canvas HD) for using Facebook, Twitter, check emails, get news update and lot more while its fun and tech savy to have all this on move I miss the ability of a Laptop/PC. I wish I could play my favorite games Counter strike and NFS on the move or I could write posts for my blog on the go as I get the ideas to write up about something new. I wish I had a Hybrid tablet as Asus T100 on which I could be hooked all day long as it fills the gap between my Smartphone and PC. 

Asus T100 is an ultra portable hybrid laptop with 10 inch tablet. Powered with Intel Atom Quadcore processor and latest Windows 8.1 , 2 GB RAM , 32 GB EMC , Wifi and bluetooth connectivity and 2 Cell battery which is claimed to fuel the device for 11 long hrs. These specifications and features are good enough to keep me hooked for all day long while on move


Thanks to indiblogger for giving me this opportunity  to write out my wish to be transformed.My list to do with Asus T100 to keep me hooked for all day long.

Reading News: I am tech geek and like to have news on the go therefore I use news apps to get updates from around the world. I would use T100 as tablet to find news that interests me and read all like a boss in reading mode which would help reduce eye strain.

Browsing: Internet has become an essential for life after water and air. With T100 I would be able to browse on the go. Now I can check the schedule of the train on the go when my relatives are coming to visit me and I have to pick them from Railway station. Internet on the move means I will be more informed about weather, traffic, area details around me while making any plans to go out and will help making a wise decision.

Social Media: After reading news from around the world I would check my Facebook and Twitter account to get news from my circles.

Social Media

Some serious stuff: As Asus T100 comes with office home and student 2013 & 19 mm travel distance keys for comfortable typing in the mobile dock. I would use it as Laptop to work on word documents, excel spread sheets, powerpoint presentations with ease and on the go.

Office 2013

Entertainment: I would transfer my favorite serials (GOT now a days) and movies to Asus T100 using USB 3.0 port and enjoy movies when travelling on its 10 inch clear and vivid color display screen. I will watch trending YouTube videos from AIB or TVF, new songs and try to learn new dance moves.


Writing Blog post: This is one major and important part of my day when I switch from my phone to PC. With Asus T100 I can easily write blog posts on the move and transform my life in new dimension of mobility. T100 is just 550 gm in weight which makes it easier to carry wherever you want and do your favorite task on the move.

I Love Blogging

Gaming: With Asus T100 , I won’t have to wait to reach home to catch up with friends playing counterstrike or NFS I can start playing from anywhere with Internet access or even without internet access in Single player mode.


All above activities complete my day and I wish to be hooked with AsusT100 to never miss any of the above while on the move and transform my mobile life.

Do let us know how would you like your life to be transformed by AsusT100 through our comments section below.


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