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Thursday, 30 April 2020

AIDA Launches ‘Nunify’ The Next Generation Virtual Event Platform

AIDA, a leading global event technology company headquartered in Bengaluru, today launched NUNIFY, an exclusive, next-gen virtual event platform that will enable users to seamlessly host multi-dimensional virtual events.

Nunify is a turn-key, virtual event platform for hosting, managing, and attending events, and is accessible 24x7 to broadcast, network, learn and engage. The platform’s unique differentiators include flexible video conference & broadcast options including professional camera broadcast, parallel sessions, sponsor monetisation with ROI, rich analytics dashboard and rich engagement tools such as gamification, virtual rooms, networking, etc. Nunify also provides enterprise-grade security and is ISO 27001 & GDPR compliant.

Sharing his vision for Nunify, Mr Pallav Barah, CEO of Nunify, states that ,

“The event industry is on the brink of a digital boom similar to what happened in retail, travel & hospitality, payments and social. The need for physical events will continue, augmenting it with virtual is the next “norm”. We are excited to be at the forefront of this evolution along with our clients. We empathize with challenges we face today, but embrace the innovation for tomorrow. It is time to fight back together.

Nunify boasts of an intuitive, smart & modern UI to reduce clutter for everyone involved and works without the need to download any software. Nunify has been in early access mode for over a month and already hosted over 100 conferences, webinars, corporate training, internal sales meet and tradeshows, in India and globally.

Speaking about the need for such a platform, Mr Gautam Singh, CMO of Nunify, says:

 “Individuals have always needed communities. Nunify is a platform to unify communities across event networks. Our focus is to digitize engagement & interactions to become an event social network company. We have launched an immersive turn-key solution that can become the backbone for broadcasting, learning, networking and engagement solutions.”

The Nunify team is currently working on adding multiple new features to further enrich the platform. Features like multi-lingual support, ML & AI-powered content recommendations, chat-bot for helpdesk and exhibitors and interactive AR/VR showcases are getting integrated at a fast pace. Apart from this, the team is also working closely with its video infrastructure partners to ensure that their premium virtual product is accessible and affordable to masses.

Users can visit visit for information.


KONE Elevator India offers free cloud technology to keep critical sites operational in a time of crisis

KONE Elevator India, a fully owned subsidiary of KONE Corporation, has announced that it is offering to install KONE 24/7 Connected Services for free for the first six months for its current customers who operate medical facilities. This initiative will benefit hospitals across the country, and ensure uninterrupted vertical movement of people. For patients, their families and medical staff, this means less waiting time and disruption, a smoother journey to where they need to go, and quicker access to the supplies they need.


KONE 24/7 Connected Services is the world’s most intelligent elevator and escalator services that monitors round-the-clock. This technology can better predict, maintain and take action before breakage, thereby ensuring less equipment downtime and fewer faults. This preventive maintenance system helps the elevator work seamlessly in the hospitals 24/7. In the current pandemic situation, it is absolutely critical that elevators or escalators run smoothly without any setbacks.


In collaboration with the recognized leader in cognitive computing, IBM Watson, KONE 24/7 Connected Services is a cloud-based solution using sensors, which collects data on a range of parameters on equipment performance and powerful analytics to identify deviations. Using the latest technology, the elevators and escalators can now speak their minds and keep technicians one step ahead of what’s happening. If the system identifies the need for maintenance, it alerts a technician immediately.


Amit Gossain, Managing Director, KONE Elevator India, said, 

“The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated unprecedented restrictions on the movement of people. However, one area where movement is crucial is hospitals where doctors, nurses, assistants and volunteers continue to work tirelessly to ensure patients are looked after. As an organisation dedicated to improving the flow of urban life, we have a responsibility to help keep society running and critical services operational. KONE’s cutting-edge 24/7 Connected Services, now available free for our current customers who operate medical facilities, will help ensure that their people flow is safe and reliable.”

Amit Gossain, MD, KONE Elevator India
Amit Gossain, MD, KONE Elevator India


The 24/7 Connected Services can improve people’s safety, in some cases reducing the number of stoppages. For customers it means improved safety, full transparency and peace of mind.


“When the entire world is enduring the hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, KONE Elevator India is showing its true strength by being a reliable partner and supporting its customers and the wider community to help keep critical sites operational in a time of crisis. This initiative from Kone Elevator India is an attempt to make a positive contribution to continuous improvement in the communities where we operate,” he added. 

MediaTek Dimensity 1000 SoC to come with V1 Video Codec Technology on Android Smartphones

MediaTek has announced it will enable YouTube video streams using the cutting-edge AV1 video codec on the MediaTek Dimensity 1000 5G SoC. The MediaTek Dimensity 1000 is the world’s first smartphone SoC to integrate an AV1 hardware video decoder, enabling it to play back AV1 video streams up to 4K resolution at 60 fps. With its improved compression efficiency, AV1 gives users incredible visual quality and smoother video experiences, while using less data.


Video streaming is the number one activity in smartphone use, so by using the Dimensity 1000’s more power efficient hardware-based AV1 video decoder, users can enjoy longer battery life while still streaming at the best quality settings. Combined with its ultra-fast 5G connectivity in a single chip, the Dimensity 1000 leads the industry in design and capability.


“MediaTek is engaged in consistently upgrading its offerings to enhance user experience, and AV1 technology is a prime example. Video is now the most used form of communication, with 70% of Millennials and Gen Z reportedly using streaming services,” said Dr. Yenchi Lee, Assistant General Manager of MediaTek’s Wireless Business Unit. “Industry reports state that the video streaming market is likely to expand at a CAGR of 19.6% and touch $124.57 billion by 2025, and it is one of the principle drivers of 5G services. MediaTek is leading the way in enabling effective video streaming with AV1.”


The AV1 video codec is creating a landmark change in the video streaming industry. First released in 2018 by the Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia), AV1 is royalty-free, crafted to replace the VP9 codec and become the Internet Video Codec (NETVC) standard. AV1 is an ultra-high-performance video codec technology that delivers 30% more compression efficiency over existing VP9.


"AV1 has become an increasingly important format to allow high-resolution playback on handheld devices, and we're excited that MediaTek has implemented dedicated AV1 hardware to advance its adoption, such as what's included in their Dimensity 1000 5G SoC,” said Matt Frost, Director of Product Management of Google Chrome. “As mobile video streaming becomes more prevalent, new use cases like MediaTek's emphasize the important work of developing next-generation codecs."

Sunday, 26 April 2020

Airtel users can now get free Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscription for one year with recharge of Rs 401

India’s foremost video streaming platform, Disney+ Hotstar is teaming up with India’s largest integrated telco Bharti Airtel (“Airtel”) to bring high quality video entertainment to all of India.


This initiative aims to accelerate adoption of the video subscription category in the country, by solving two of the key challenges: evolving digital payment infrastructure and prevalence of cash as a payment option. Airtel has launched a new recharge at INR 401/- with the annual subscription to Disney+ Hotstar VIP. Airtel is also offering complementary 3 GB data for 28 days with the recharge. Starting today, the new recharge pack is available to all Airtel prepaid mobile customers across Airtel’s network of retail stores as well as Airtel Thanks app and


Airtel customers who buy the pack will now be able to effortlessly watch everything that Disney+ Hotstar VIP has to offer – right from the latest blockbuster Bollywood movies (Angrezi Medium, Tanhaji), the best of global movies & shows dubbed in Hindi, Tamil & Telugu including  superhero movies (Avengers: End Game), latest animation films (The Lion King, Frozen II), Kids favourite characters (Mickey Mouse, Doraemon), exclusive Hotstar Specials (Special Ops, Criminal Justice), unlimited LIVE sports and much more.


Prabh Simran Singh, EVP & Head Subscriptions, Hotstar said, 

“Our philosophy is to bring World’s best entertainment to every Indian, and we are thrilled to collaborate with Airtel to make Disney+ Hotstar VIP accessible to their users across the country. Disney+ Hotstar VIP is now available to Airtel prepaid users via Airtel retail stores and through the Airtel thanks app. This collaboration will provide users a convenient and easy way to subscribe to our service.”


Says Shashwat Sharma, Chief Marketing Officer, Bharti Airtel 

“On our Airtel Thanks platform, we have been bringing the best of partner services for our customers. We are delighted to add this collaboration with Disney+ Hotstar for our Airtel Thanks users. Partnerships such as these are key to unlocking the massive potential of India’s digital ecosystem and drive OTT adoption even in smaller towns and villages. At Airtel, we will continue to bring to market industry leading innovations that deliver a differentiated experience to our customers.”


The annual subscription to Disney+ Hotstar VIP includes access to the best of Super Hero movies, like The Avengers, Iron Man, Thor: Ragnarok and latest animation movies including Frozen II, The Lion King, Toy Story 4 in Hindi, Tamil & Telugu. Users can also enjoy latest Bollywood movies like Angrezi Medium, Panga and Tanhaji immediately after theatrical release, exclusive Hotstar Specials shows in seven languages like the hugely popular Neeraj Pandey’s Special OpsOut of Love, Criminal Justice, unlimited LIVE Cricket and sporting action, and STAR serials before TV and much more! 

Tips to use Twitter effectively for journalists and Media Organisations amid crisis

In times of crisis, people look up to media organisations to find the latest and credible information. The COVID-19 pandemic is no different in that respect, with reporters and media leveraging the service for sharing real-time updates on the local, national and global developments, highlighting the impact of the pandemic on different sectors of the economy, generating awareness about the importance of social distancing, and more. 

Journalism and news organisations have always been important to Twitter, as they use the service to ensure access to credible information for the public-at-large. 

Here are some tips and best practices for news organisations using Twitter to effectively  reach out to their readers and share the latest information with them: 

  1. Showcase your best stories via Twitter Moments: Use Twitter Moments to curate your team’s best Tweets and narrate the full story. You can also use a Twitter Moment to help audiences break down complicated FAQs so that these can serve as an easy guide to clear their doubts.  

Pro tip! Want a quick reminder on how to make a Moment? Here’s a handy guide on our Twitter Media page, and you can always follow @MomentsIndia for more.


  1. Use Twitter Lists: You can create a Twitter List consisting of journalists and editors from your newsroom who are covering a big story. This could include all the health editors and reporters covering COVID-19, for example, or you could include a list of trusted health experts that people can follow. Don’t forget to Tweet the list out! Anyone who subscribes to your list will automatically get updates from them. 


  1. Create Twitter Threads: Let’s accept it, sometimes a Tweet just isn’t enough. There’s so much information you want to pack in. A Twitter Thread is a simple way of doing this: just hit reply to your own Tweet and starting composing. By using Threads you can expand beyond 280 characters and add more context and updates in real-time. Your Twitter Thread can be 3 Tweets or 13, as many as you need to tell the story! For instance, you can showcase tips to optimise productivity while working from home in your Twitter thread. 


  1. Help people hear information directly from the source: You can host virtual interviews or live chats with experts for people to ask their questions directly and get their queries addressed real-time. Go LIVE on Twitter directly and include your guest.  Alternatively,  you can even host and participate in the old-school yet evergreen Tweet Chats.


  1. Don’t feel like you have to restrict yourself to sharing one or two stories a day: People want all the information that they can get and this is the time to share as many credible, compelling news updates as you have. You can also share infographics, helpful tips, trivia and updates from across the world.


  1. Talk to your audience to find out what they need to hear about: Get people to weigh in on certain subjects. You can use Twitter Polls or just simply Tweet to ask people for their comments, quotes and opinions on certain stories such as the situation in their locality, topics they want more information on, etc.

  1. Debunk myths: Owing to the uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many myths circulating around. Your audiences look up to you to share the latest and accurate news with them. It is a good practice to Tweet fact-checks or Myth-busters for your readers.


  1. Make sure to mention other people relevant to your Tweet: Back to basics, don’t forget to include @usernames of those you’re Tweeting about, so they get tagged and are in the know about a news story concerning them. It shows that the story has credible sources and builds engagement.

  2. Use hashtags sparingly to spread awareness: Use hashtags that are relevant to the story you’re sharing. But only one or two, not more. They don’t really add value beyond one, maximum two.


  1. Pin Tweets: This is your prime digital real estate. It’s how audiences know what you care about. Be sure to pin your most important or relevant stories, or the ones that are live or  in progress on to the top of your timeline, so your followers can easily discover these. You can change your pinned Tweet daily, weekly or monthly, depending on your own news priorities.

Don’t forget, you can follow some of these best practices @TwitterMedia. We will continue to work with our news partners across the board and in multiple languages here in India; we are grateful for their journalistic leadership and commitment. #StaySafeStayHome and #FlattenTheCurve