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Thursday, 2 February 2017

How Artificial Learning Shapes The e-Learning Scenario

AI in today's E-Learning scenario
The modern day life is changing fast at an unimaginable pace that the process of learning has to be simplified as one could easily forget how far we have gone.  The technological development has come up to a level where a lot of exciting changes would happen in the near future. One of the best indicators of human progress viz. learning is exposed to these technological advancements. The affordability of technology has come to a level where one could not ignore the rising popularity of e-learning. The below reasons would validate the argument that e learning would get a facelift from the end of artificial learning.

Improves team building and social connectivity
The advent of online games like puzzles, Sudoku and so on creates a platform where we get the chance to bond and connect well with people with similar interests and this forms the foundation for building team to achieve greater heights.  This would pave way to more social interactions and connections that would help learning new skills and ideas more effective in the long run. In the days to come, the domain of education would benefit from the union of games with social connectivity.

Promotes the learning process by practice

Learning process improves only when the learners are able to apply the things they had learned in the right manner and this objective is rightly accomplished by the implementation of artificial learning. This modern style of learning blends the content of training like the Pythagoras theorem with an environment to practice with real world examples. Learners would gain ample exposure by being part of the assembly line of production, learn the steps of the manufacturing process and so on.

Creates simulated environment for learning

The fascinating element of learning in the artificial manner is the use of simulations which would seem as if the learner is facing a real test where actually he or she is just doing a virtual practice. Also this gives the added advantage of practicing without having to suffer the consequences of making mistakes. The cost to purchase materials like gadgets and tools could be reduced to a great extent as the training experience would seem like a real one and the training environment could be changed by using editing the virtual elements.

Turns learning into a fun activity

Unlike the conventional way of learning, the virtual way of learning makes the activity into a joyful experience as the activity itself would look like a game which everyone wants to be a part of. The reward based system of gaming is applied in the same manner for learning activities for learning topics like algebra. The learners engage with the learning activities with such intensity that positive results are ensured as the learning outcome. This could be achieved only through learning in virtual mode.

The above points would have given you enough clarity on why virtual learning would shape the e-learning domain like never before. Thus we could say that virtual or artificial mode of learning would take the learning processes into highly efficient ones in the years to come.


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