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Monday, 5 February 2018

Honeywell introduces indoor navigation to Connected Building Occupant App

Honeywell (NYSE: HON)a global leader in Connected Buildings, today announced it has added new capabilities to the Honeywell Vector Occupant App that give occupants more control over their experiences within a building with the swipe of a screen. The most significant new feature is indoor navigation, which uses GPS-like technology to help users find their way around complex buildings that are difficult to navigate without directions.

The benefits of the indoor navigation feature have been demonstrated in the Minneapolis Skyway System, a complex interlinked network of enclosed pedestrian walkways spanning 80 city blocks. The walkways protect Minnesotans from the harsh winter elements and summer humidity, allowing them to comfortably walk between more than 30 buildings in downtown Minneapolis. “For anyone who’s not a local, and for even some who are, finding your way around the skyway system can be a big challenge,” said Steve Cramer, president and CEO, Minneapolis Downtown Council. “With our initial use of the Honeywell Vector Occupant App, we’ve seen an immediate impact. The interactive map makes it really easy and intuitive to know exactly where you’re going, and how to get there.”

In addition to the indoor navigation feature, the app also now includes a location-based feature to rate spaces, allowing those within a building to highlight comfort issues to building staff for quick resolution. Both features combine the convenience of today’s mobile devices with Internet of Things (IoT) building connectivity to help improve a user’s experience inside a building.

“Much of a building’s success hinges on how happy and satisfied its occupants are. They’re the lifeblood of an organization, and their experience within a building is what keeps them coming back,” said Aseem Joshi, Country General Manager, Honeywell Building Solutions, India. “The Honeywell Vector Occupant App has given users more power to shape their building experiences from their smartphones. Now, we’re adding even more features to deepen the connections between occupants and the spaces around them so they can be as comfortable as possible, and can more easily and efficiently move about a building.”
 Indoor Navigation

Enabled by strategic partner Insiteo’s indoor location solution for smart buildings, the indoor navigation feature offers accurate indoor location, mapping, routing, presence, proximity notifications and analytics — all embedded into an integrated platform.
·        Backed by location technology installed within a facility and software, the app’s indoor navigation provides easy-to-use wayfinding, with turn-by-turn voice assistance and location accuracy up to five feet. The app promotes better collaboration and improved safety via its “share my location” feature, which gives users a way to more easily find each other in a building.
·        For building owners and managers, in addition to promoting occupant satisfaction, the app also provides insights into foot traffic patterns, which building personnel can use to better inform measures like messaging placement to better serve their occupants.
Location-Based Space Rating
·        The rating feature builds on the app’s original one-click hot/cold call capability, which lets users raise comfort issues with building personnel for resolution. Building owners and managers can view ratings and feedback on dashboards to pinpoint where building spaces need attention and improvements. They can also visualize longer-term trends and space rankings to uncover patterns and improvement opportunities to promote occupant comfort, satisfaction and productivity.
Vector Occupant App Capabilities
·        The new capabilities build on the Honeywell Vector Occupant App’s base functionality, which includes digital identification, mobile access control and the ability to communicate temperature discomfort to prompt adjustments by facility teams.

The Honeywell Vector Occupant App is part of Honeywell’s Connected Services portfolio, which leverages the connectivity of buildings to improve how they operate and the experiences they offer for those who visit and work within them. The Honeywell Vector Occupant App works with Apple and Android products. To access the Minneapolis Skyway System specific app, visit iTunes® or Google Play™

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

LG and Honeywell Demo Automotive Cybersecurity Solution

Michigan: -- Honeywell and LG Electronics signed a memorandum of understanding to develop and demonstrate a unique automotive software technology and infrastructure solution to address threats associated with the increase in vehicle connectivity technology. The two companies showcased a collaborative cybersecurity solution at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this month, and at the recently concluded 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

The collaboration between LG and Honeywell provides automakers a next generation cybersecurity solution for system communications within the vehicle as well as an increasing amount of external communications via cellular and satellite connectivity.

The two companies are focused on the unserved needs of the auto industry to cover the entire cybersecurity chain from individual gateway protection through threat monitoring of fleets. The solution to be developed by the collaboration will integrate LG's intrusion, detection and protection software (IDPS) technology for securing vehicle hardware from external attacks with Honeywell's IDPS solutions for securing internal vehicle communication and control networks along with its security monitoring and analytics capabilities for security operation centers.

The collaborative solution helps ensure passenger vehicle safety and security by identifying and validating software commands and data generated by the more than 100 million lines of code that govern modern vehicle operation. LG's electrical gateways and security modules, telematics control unit (TCU), and electronic control unit (ECU) can be an effective toolset for detecting and reporting anomalies preceding a mechanical failure or intentional hack of the vehicle. Honeywell's software detects anomalies and protects in-vehicle network traffic when the global security operation centers receive captured data transmitted in either real time or via a scheduled download. These security centers monitor large fleets to provide analytics coupled with an understanding of underlying issues to provide effective remediation options to the auto maker.

Honeywell's team of software experts and technology solutions combine more than 60 years of automotive domain experience as a leading global Tier 1 automotive supplier with useful Honeywell experience in critical industrial safety applications. Honeywell's automotive software enables real-time vehicle performance diagnostics that can help increase vehicle reliability and up to a 5 percent reduction in warranty costs.

LG's vision for the automotive components business is to become an innovation partner for vehicle electrification by using accumulated know-how from the consumer electronics industry. Vehicle components is LG's fastest growing business and is expected to play a major role in the future growth of the company. With a wealth of experience in mobile communications, home appliances, consumer electronics and connected vehicles, LG plans to lead the next-generation vehicle components market through collaboration with Honeywell's differentiated technologies.

LogiNext launches its voice-controlled automation integrated with Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant

LogiNext launches its voice-controlled automation feature as it integrates with Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, and Cortana. LogiNext is working on this with five enterprise clients and looking to do more pilots. The clients can now just talk to their digital assistants and get all the required information about their logistics movement instantaneously. They can give instructions to LogiNext's system to optimize routes, plan delivery schedules or assign a specific order to a delivery personnel.

With LogiNext's voice-controlled automation, managers can plan the entire schedule and route with load balancing across the last mile fleet and send ETAs by just talking to the LogiNext system. If they want a specific parcel to be assigned to a courier who is more well-equipped to deliver it, they can simply say so and it would be done. It can carry out dispatch automation with a single skill-defined command.

Manager: "Alexa! Ask LogiNext to find my Truck on Route 27!"
Alexa: "Your Truck has crossed the intersection of Greenville Road moving towards its destination."

Manisha Raisinghani, CTO, LogiNext, had this to say: "Imagine a world where all you need to do is speak to your digital assistant to manage your logistics. You can track the exact location of any vehicle simply by asking a question. What's more, you can ask a question in your native language or dialect."

Dhruvil Sanghvi, CEO, LogiNext, said: "Voice-controlled automation through digital assistants has the potential to simplify enterprise communication and cut down the reaction time for any event or circumstance. It would also bring transparency as information would flow directly to the concerned people without intermediate misinterpretations. The implications of such automation are beyond just numbers, it can drive a change in the way things are done and eventually result in better strategic balance within companies."

Mahindra launches 'Bring the Showroom Home' for a 360 degree Virtual Showroom experience

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (M&M Ltd.), part of the USD 19 billion Mahindra Group today announced an industry first initiative in the automotive retail space with the launch of its Bring the Showroom Home’, a portable, mobile based, interactive Virtual Reality experience. This is a unique initiative wherein a customer would get a 360 degree, all-encompassing and immersive virtual showroom experience.

Screen Grab from the App

Bring the Showroom Home is part of a series of initiatives under Mahindra’s Digital Transformation Strategy. Through an immersive technology experience, the customer can co-create and identify his Mahindra vehicle with any specification, in the convenience and comfort of his home as well as involve his family in the decision making process.  ‘Bring the Showroom Home’ platform will have 3 salient features of Virtual showroom, Self-explore and Make my SUV which will enable customers to experience the vehicle of their choice, in its entirety.

Speaking at the launch of the initiative, Veejay Nakra, Chief of Sales & Marketing – Automotive Division, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.  said, “At Mahindra we have always been at the forefront of disruption with the customer at the epicenter. Hence we reimagined the whole customer purchase experience by embarking on a digital transformation journey for an end-to-end solution from the pre-purchase stage to the post purchase ownership phase. These include industry first initiatives such as SYOUV and With You Hamesha, in addition to our multiple tie-ups with portals for online booking of our vehicles. Now, we are ready to take this disruption to the next level by changing the way automotive retail is perceived in India. Bring the Showroom Home is one such industry first immersive experience.”

Mr. Nakra further added, “In India, where vehicle purchase decision is mostly influenced by the family, Bring the Showroom Home will get the showroom closer to our customers and their families. After all, we want to take customer experience to the next level through convenient, transparent and personalised services at every step.”

Pre-Purchase Stage: Redefining Auto Retail 

The Mahindra SYOUV platform fortifies Mahindra’s engagement in the pre-purchase phase by providing class leading customer experience. The Platform integrates the virtual world with the real world and is the core offering under the pre-purchase phase. We have also ensured a robust backend mechanism to ensure superlative customer experience. Key features of SYOUV platform are as follows :-

  • Dealer Stock Availability: The user gets complete transparency of the stock at dealerships in his vicinity. In case a stock is not currently available, the user can view the estimated next availability date for the selected stock at a particular dealership of his/her choice.
  • Collaborative Exploration (CE)Co-create your SUV with friends/family online
  • Talk to Our Expert (TTE): Connect with a Mahindra expert either through chat, audio call or video call.
  • Compare Cars: Compare your prospective Mahindra SUV with other market leading SUVs. A key feature of the platform is photo compare which is not available on other platforms.
  • Finance & Insurance: The user gets to browse several finance and insurance options offered by leading banks and insurers. Basis their selection, they can request a quote from the bank or insurer.
  • Test Drive – Anytime, Anywhere: The user has the option to browse available slots online and block a slot for test drive. He can also track the TD vehicle coming to his location through google maps.
  • Book Your Customized SUV Online: The user can book an SUV online and also add accessories available for the selected variant. He also has the option of selecting a vehicle model, variant, colour as well as viewprices and available offers/schemes online.

In the next phase of SYOUV, we plan to include on-road price, online order tracking, deal maker and several other differentiating features. SYOUV is a one-stop destination for Mahindra in the pre-sales phase of the auto-purchase journey which promises three customer benefits – Transparent, Personalized and Convenient.

The Bring the Showroom Home platform will allow customers to research a new vehicle by enabling them to view the vehicle in a virtual showroom, in city or off-road environments. At the pre-purchase phase, it will feature a 360-degree voice assisted virtual reality (VR) experience powered by state-of-the-art Samsung VR Gears. All of these can be experienced from the comfort of the customer’s home without compelling him to visit the showroom.

Purchase Stage – Convenience of Online Booking

Mahindra has redefined automotive retail through multiple tie ups with key auto portals for sales of its automotive products, thereby providing customers with the convenience to book their vehicles anytime, anywhere. The company has tied up with Cardekho, Carwale, IBB, Car&Bike and M2ALL.

Under the digital initiatives for enabling sales, Mahindra has also installed tablets and kiosks across most of its dealer network. Meant to assist customers in making suitable buying decisions, these gadgets offer realistic visual depictions of Mahindra vehicles, with various options related to accessories, colours etc.

Post Purchase Stage – With You Hamesha 

The new generation With You Hamesha platform provides class-leading customer convenience in the ownership phase.

‘With you Hamesha’ (WYH) is Mahindra’s digital platform for its existing customers and aims to sustain their satisfaction levels by constantly offering various online services. The platform has undergone a complete digital transformation and offers a customized and convenient experience with a whole lot of transparency. WYH is a versatile platform that offers a range of services, including:

  • Convenient Service Booking: Convenient service booking facility from anywhere as per required date and time slot (Like Book My Show), with a facility of creating own e-jobcard and get cost estimate (for scheduled services)
  • Smart Notifications: Service reminders and RSA/extended warranty/PUC/Insurance renewal reminders
  • Instant Chat: chat with our executives to address customer’s queries
  • SOS: SOS button for raising assistance request with location capturing facility
  • RM Video Call: Video call with the relationship manager to get updates on vehicle service and other queries (Available for XUV & Rexton)
  • Online Payment: Online payment facility with all credit/debit card and wallets
In the next phase of WYH, we plan to include Driver tracking, Breakdown Van Tracking and Vehicle tracking in workshop and many differentiating features. We aim to redefine the future of auto retail by providing transparency, convenience and a personalized experience to our customers with our integrated digital offerings across the consumer lifecycle journey.

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Portronics launches he new portable and foldable laptop stand "My Buddy Lite" for Rs 1099

Portronics today announced its all new “My Buddy Lite” – A convenient, easy to use and a light weight Portable and Foldable Laptop Stand. It is the latest addition to the famous Mybuddy Series of laptop stands.

In the modern world, every person has a hectic schedule, which includes their most of the time devoted on gadgets and laptop is one of the most prominent of them. Parallel to the work, it is really essential to take care of the health too; “My Buddy Lite” gives you the comfort while using laptop in any posture or at any place, which will help you to keep balance between work and health.

My Buddy Lite - portable laptop stand

Solid Structures:
The comforting laptop stand is summed up with the best quality of materials making it strong and flexible to take the weight of up to 4Kgs / 17 inch laptops. The structure makes it light weight for the users with the help of Silica rubber yet sturdy with the help of steel. The easy to use laptop stand has a basic size of 288 x 46 x 30 mm, that is, easy to be placed or kept anywhere at your workplace or at home. The best part of this laptop stand is that it is light weight", that is of 350 gm, thus, easy to carry. It comes with two adjustable angles for your laptop to make it suitable as per your comfort. The light weighted solid laptop stand suitably supports laptop with up to 17 inches and laptops which are comparatively smaller.

Impressive and comforting features:
The light handed laptop stand comes up with exciting features making it worth its value. It has an impressive ergonomics making you work very comfortably and also, keeping you more efficient at work. It is easy to go just with a pair of thumb and forefinger to be pressed outward and hence, opening it smartly at a quick time. It is highly adjustable as it can be folded, hence, occupying less space and it also offers the exact height to your eye lens keeping your body more comfortable and lean. It has an absolute worthy feature of minimalism, that is, a part to show your laptop off as a classy one and it can be suitable present for the people who use laptop on regular basis. The laptop is designed with superior quality material making it smaller in size and helping you use your laptop more comfortably keeping all your work sorted, thus it has Ergonomic design, helping your back and wrist to get less or minimum fatigued using laptop. One of the most suitable, worthy and best feature of the stand is that it is very light in weight and easily portable to the device thus efficient for office use and it’s carrying purpose at different places.

Salient Features:
· Design: It is made up of ergonomic design which helps you balancing your health and work by keeping your back and wrist less tired.
· Material: It is made up of Nylon, steel and silica rubber making it rough and tough to use.
·  Easy to carry: Very light weighted and handy to use, hence, easily transportable.
· Portability: Along with the advantage of portability, it also serves the feature of being foldable.
· Stability: It is highly suitable in carrying a good amount of weight being stable along with its magnetic pads and metal skeleton.

Pricing and Availability:
This comforting device comes with a price tag of INR 1099/-. You can buy it for yourself and as well as for your loved ones online or from offline stores.