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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Swipe targets Corporate space with launch of brand specific Tablet PCs and Smartphone Customization for Enterprises

 A new trend has ushered in India Inc – customization of technology at the enterprise level. Companies – big and small, regional and national – are looking at customized Tablet PCs and Smartphones to help them increase brand loyalty and brand recall. Key sectors including Healthcare, Education and Infomedia are the early adopters of customized gadgets and companies from these sectors are offering customised communication devices to its employees, students, customers, vendors etc. 

Heralding this trend is none other than Swipe, the leading mobile technology company, better known for introducing innovative Android-based Tablet PCs & Smartphones in India. Some of the recent clients of Swipe are Fasoos Food Services, Akanksha Foundation, NM Wadia Medical College, Amanora Park Town, State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur, Metro Shoes, Cabby Tabby, Vibble India, Emenox Healthcare, Seasons Marketing, Chocolate Biclate, Moving Digital Frames, Ricky Rickshaw, Eagle Eye Solutions, IOEMAS & Motivation for Excellence Initiative.

Swipe Enterprise Support

On offer are tablets and smartphones with multiple degree of customizations ranging from custom apps, brandings, hardware configuration, and tailored customer support. Customizations can be done at Kernel level where we remove all the unwanted apps and include only the required software. This insures a simple to understand UI and optimum utilisation of hardware for the intended purpose, hence offering a fast and seamless user experience.

Depending on the clients need, Swipe can tweak the hardware in regards to screen sizes, processors, camera resolution, connectivity, memory and much more. While on the branding front, a client can get their respective company logos as the boot screen, engraved on the back cover of the devices, and even custom packaging of devices making the entire proposition more appealing.

According to a Bain survey approx. 65%-75% consumers preferred customized options, it engages them more with the company which ultimately increases the brand loyalty along with recall.

Commenting on this new segment launch, Mr. Shripal Gandhi, Founder and CEO said, “Enterprises are in need of brand-specific customization that can enhance brand recall and also help the sales and after sales team work smarter. In the bargain, this customized technology helps create brand loyalty of a different kind. At Swipe, we always go a step ahead to know what our consumers want and create products for them. Every industry works in a different fashion and even individual company in the same vertical has a different outlook towards business. Swipe’s customised enterprise solutions are designed keeping in the mind the corporate requirement and brand-fit.”

By offering customized devices, the communication and work channel becomes more systematic and simpler. For instance, required data can be accessible from all the devices easily. Devices can be accustomed to perform whatever function the Enterprise needs - a restaurant needs devices to only take orders, a cab agency needs devices only for entertainment of its passengers, a finance organization needs devices only for sharing data and view stock related news. These functions can be pre customized according to the needs and demands of the enterprise. For more information contact us on email: or call us: +91 73500 17595.

Disclaimer: This story is taken from a syndicated feed and is not edited by our team except for the headline.

Visual Math Improves Math Performance

With the advancement of technology and education, the need to integrate both of them has been realized, especially for the subject involving numerous complicated concepts. One of the most crucial advancements in education includes implementation of visualization to enhance the understanding of students and help them learn more effectively.

Mathematics is one of the most complicated subjects with several unsolved mysteries involving numbers. The subject of maths is full of numbers, variables and proofs which become extremely difficult to understand if one is inattentive and lacks proper visualization of the concepts.

The following are the ways in which visual mathematics provides better understanding and proves better from the traditional methods of learning:

(i) Study through video lectures: A scientific study states that our mind has a better understanding and retaining power to the video lectures (or visual and audio signals). Students can understand the concepts easily as it focuses on making things understandable with real-life examples. Topics like probability, calculus, differentiation and other difficult topics can be easily explained through 3D video lectures which seem to be really difficult while studying through the textbook.

(ii) Time-saving: We all know that everyone has a different pace of learning. In a classroom, one can understand the topic in one go whereas another student might be dreaming about his football game and could not understand things even at the third time. Thus, this could be a time-consuming process. Through visual technique, anyone can understand things in one go. Also, it saves time as video lectures can cover the topics in few minutes whereas the traditional method takes around 3-4 hours.

(iii) Interesting lectures: It is a common problem with most of the students that they find their lectures to be boring, which is why they cannot catch up the concepts. The visual learning includes study through computers/laptops or projectors which enhance the interest of the students that ultimately lead to better understanding.

(iv) Understanding through real-life application: It is a well-known fact that concepts can be understood in a better manner by relating them to the real world. This technique would also help in retaining the concepts for a prolonged duration. Consider, for example, the topic like vectors is important in determining the position of an object with respect to any reference point which is used in Google maps. Another example is probability, which has real-life application in weather forecasting. All these techniques visually explain the concepts to the students to understand the things in a better manner.

All these techniques are helpful in clearing the concepts of the students about the topics which require in-depth understanding rather than mugging up. Therefore, visualization plays a key role in improving the performance of the students at an unreasonable rate.

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Monday, 6 November 2017

EPSON L380 printer review: Ideal for home and small businesses

Epson has launched its ink tank series printers quite a while ago with promise to have cost effective printing solutions with ease and low maintenance. Epson L380 is one of the series and we got a chance to review this device. This printer is priced at INR 12,089/- , but whether this device does justice to its pricing and the expectations set by it? Let's find out.


In first look you will find that L380 looks similar to other multi functional printers where in you have a lid atop which can be raised to do the scanning or copying work. The device can work on at most A4 size paper and weighs around 4.4 Kg. On the right side of the device you will see the extension attached which is the inktank, separate ink box helps in easier access and visibility of ink levels.

Epson L380

The input for printing is taken from back side of the printer and printed copies are produced to the front side. To collect your A4 size papers you can draw the tray from bottom to extend it to give support to the output paper. On the front of the device you will see Epson branding below which there are 4 functional buttons which are Power, Black and White copy, Color Copy and inklevel/warning indicator , last button can also be used to cancel current operation. While middle two buttons can be pressed simultaneously to scan and save document as pdf.

The device offers connectivity via USB cable and there is no wireless connectivity option given. Overall the printer looks sturdy and reasonably built. Our only concern was the side attachment for color box which is prone to get detach when not handled carefully while lifting the printer.


We had interesting encounter with the device, we started testing the copy feature and found color reproduction was not good when doing color copies. We contacted Epson representatives and they sent an engineer to look into the issue. It turned out that the issue was just with the nozzles not being cleaned and could be easily cleaned by sending a simple command from computer. We installed the device drivers from web and did the steps as suggested. Once we had printed a test page everything was working like charm. The prints were coming as close to real and copies were identical to the original.

The printing speed for Black and white prints is good for text which is around 11 pages per minute however for colored text prints the speed drops to around 5 pages per minute as expected. For printing colored images of A4 size the printer takes around 1 minute. The images printed on glossy paper were of high quality and we were happy with the prints we got from device.

Company claims to print 7500 colored copies (text) and 4500 black and white copies with single set of refill. The ink levels before and after our testing kind of support the same.


The device is extremely easy to use and maintain. The prints are cost effective as promised in ink tank series printers. The colors are evenly distributed and one can obtain high quality images from the printer without having to worry much about the cost.  Though, the device lacks wifi (at this price point its unfair to expect though), the inktank attachment could be better fixed.

Keeping above points in mind we can easily recommend this device for home use and small businesses. However for very heavy daily usage its not recommended.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Vivo's first bezel less display phone V7+ emerged as market leader in its segment in Counterpoint Report

Counterpoint Research report has indicated that Vivo's latest flagship launch V7+ is market leader in INR 20-25K category with 33 percent market share in September 2017.

Being the company’s first phone with 18:9 FullView display, the V7+ stands out with its selfie focus, enabled with a 24-megapixel front camera. Further, the phone’s Snapdragon 450 ensures a higher level of efficiency and power. Its contemporary and ingenious visual experience, futuristic design, superior performance makes V7+ an obvious choice for Indian youth.

Vivo V7+
Vivo V7+

Speaking on the milestone, Mr. Kenny Zeng, CMO, Vivo India said, “The smartphone market in India has been clocking rapid strides of growth with the country’s conducive socio-economic environs. Vivo focuses on customer-centric offerings that best complements their lifestyles by heavily investing in understanding their consumers. V7+’s success story testifies that we are on the right track and we look forward to clocking many more such milestones in the near future.”

Also speaking on the success of V7+, Mr Tarun Pathak, Associate Director, Counterpoint said, “Vivo's V7+ offers a unique and differentiated set of features with its 18:9 display and stellar camera in the 20-25K INR price segment. As a result of which, within two months of its launch, it became the leader in this segment.”

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Carnegie Mellon University and BitClave partner to improve the search experience

BitClave, the company that is disrupting the traditional ad tech market, is proud to announce its partnership with Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). This fall, BitClave is sponsoring a practicum project for graduate students in the College of Engineering’s Information Networking Institute (INI) at CMU Silicon Valley. The practicum pairs teams of students with corporate, research and government sponsors to work on groundbreaking ideas that shape our future in everything from computing and mobile systems to things like ad tech and software development.

“Community is essential for any project to be successful. The CMU tech community has been very welcoming to our team and supportive of our mission. They’re always forward-thinking and I think they see a lot of promise here,” says Alex Bessonov, CEO at BitClave.

BitClave will be bringing its extensive knowledge in blockchain and cryptocurrency to work with INI’s mobility and information security students on disruptive advertising technology. While providing the students a rich learning experience, this collaboration will benefit the BitClave’s platform as well. For instance, one such project will help to improve anonymization and ranking system of BitClave Active Search Ecosystem (BASE). BitClave’s software engineers will be working in collaboration with INI students to improve the user’s search experience while still offering a comfortable level of anonymity.

"Bridging the gap between theory and practice, the practicum affords INI students the opportunity to innovate in the wild alongside experts in the field," said Dena Haritos Tsamitis, director of the INI. "A startup like BitClave provides exposure to entrepreneurial, startup culture and frontier technologies like blockchain, while also enabling students to apply classroom knowledge to solve real-world problems."

Patrick Tague, CTO at BitClave and associate director of the INI, is excited about the possibilities, stating,“Carnegie Mellon has long had a reputation as a leader in technology, so disruptive tech like blockchain is naturally very appealing. Combining blockchain with ad tech has a lot of potential, and I think it gets people excited.”

BitClave is a startup company using blockchain to eliminate ad service middleman and create a direct connection between businesses and customers. BitClave is building a decentralized search engine that helps its users truly find what they are looking for and get compensated every time they click on search results for products and services from their favorite brands, making third-party advertising networks unnecessary and annoying ads a thing of the past.

On the BASE, customers exercise full control over their identity, deciding who has access to their data while earning CATs each time businesses use their data to make them offers. Through this platform, businesses can serve personalized, relevant offers directly to users who have already expressed interest in their products and services, significantly increasing their return on advertising spending.

Partnering with companies like BitClave is one way that the INI's students in Silicon Valley benefit from hands-on, industry experience at the epicenter of high-tech innovation. The INI's advanced, specialized curriculum combines rigorous technical topics, practical industry-oriented topics and real-world project experience to empower students to be the movers and shakers of the tech industry, whether launching a start-up, joining an enterprise R&D team or fighting cyber-crime.