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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Top 5 E-commerce Mobile App Builders That You Should Be Using

E-commerce is a booming industry. It’s important to adapt to new trends that the industry is adopting. The latest trend is the mobile app that e-commerce websites are using to get customers to stay with them and shop.

The success of your e-commerce mobile app largely rests on design. The app must be perfect in every way, with each feature carefully thought out. For this purpose, there are app builders that can help you with this. They have predefined templates, and most importantly, the expertise you need when it comes to app development.

With the user on the go and away from their computers, there are a few basic requirements when it comes to an app.
  • The app must be easily accessible 
  • The content must be readable and simple 
  • Navigation through the app should be simplified 
  • Checkout must be convenient 
  • The app must be clear with products clearly visible to the user 
The best way to figure out how you’d like your app to look is by going through several others. There can be features that interest you. You can also take a look at mobile app review sites and see what catches your fancy. Place yourself in the user's shoes and think about what you want from the app. This kind of insight can help you go a long way.

Once you have a basic idea on how it should look, feel, and function, you can start looking at app builders. These are 5 of the finest e-commerce mobile app builders in the market today.


This company provides mobile commerce app solutions to all kinds of businesses. They help create apps for companies that don’t have a website.

They create eye-catching and user-friendly apps that are totally customizable. They have the option to integrate new features of your liking onto an existing template.

This interface lets you update the app frequently so that you can stay ahead of the competition.


This app solution company develops the app for a monthly fee. This fee is collected for the usage of the app and maintenance. They include any changes or updates you want. This means that they’re here to ensure that your app stays ahead of the curve all the time.

They make apps compatible with iOS and Android. You can also have push notifications and global payment integration methods. You can also choose to make this app by yourself with assistance from their end.


Shopgate lets you reach your customer beyond your website right to their phones. This is also one of the app builders that provides services for both iOS and Android devices.

They have a GPS store locator feature. They have push messages, QR code scanners, and fast loading speeds.

Shopgate lets your app to integrate with established e-commerce platforms. They improve customer experience with their 3D cart feature.

Shopify is another app builder that helps you create your website and app.


Mobicommerce was an idea that came to its founder when he was facing a technical error with his mobile app. When the company he hired was unable to resolve it, he took it upon himself to create a better platform to create apps.

This is a popular app building company that has over 300 apps to its name. Their cutting edge technology and numerous features have made them one of the most preferred app developing companies in the market.

They have push notifications and store locator features. Apart from that, they provide integrations for over 20 payment gateways. They let you create your own layout as well.


This Dubai-based company was of one the first to get into the business of app building. They have created apps for several global brands. Their experience and employee strength make them the front runners in this market.

They have readymade solutions to complex app requests. Their apps are best known for these features

  • Multi-lingual capabilities 
  • Customizable templates 
  • Rewards and loyalty points 
  • Deep linking features in the app 
  • Performance enhancing software 

The app you get will have a simple and professional look to it. Their apps are compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.

Approach app building companies only after you have a clear picture of how you want your app to be. Go through the apps they’ve created so far. Researching the best commerce websites out there will help you have a clear idea in mind.

The quality of your app will determine the success of your venture.


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