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Thursday, 22 March 2018

Spanish technology giant Energy Sistem forays in Indian market in partnership with Alchemie Commerce

Energy Sistem, a Spanish technology giant with over two decades of experience in creating personal audio devices, launches in IndiaThe Company is based in the heart of the Mediterranean with the aspirations of capturing the mindsets of Indian consumers. The company is present in over 40 countries globally and is a market leader in Music Tower Systems, Music Boxes and Headphone category, Speakers, Home theaters, Portable Audio Devices among other categories.
Energy Sistem is elated to announce today its entry in Indian market with Alchemie Commerce Private Limited as partners with comprehensive product portfolio to be available in market 20th March onwards to suit the needs of music lovers in India. The company will launch its operations with over 46 products, Music Tower Systems, Music Boxes (Bluetooth), Wired and Bluetooth Headphones.

Speaking at the launch, Ms Natalia Ovsyannikova, Country Manager, Energy Sistem commented, “It gives me great pleasure to announce the launch of Energy Sistem in India.At Energy Sistem, we aim to create quality products to make our users' daily lives easier and allow them to enjoy their music whenever and wherever they like. Our products are aimed at customers who live every moment to the fullest. Behind the brand, there is a multicultural team of 150 people of 16 different nationalities who are able to make difficult things happen in a simple way. We are confident that Energy Sistem will create a long lasting relationship with its customers in India. While the industry is estimated to be at INR3000 Crores, we expect to reach revenue of INR 250 Crores by 2020”
Energy Sistem today is present in Europe, North Africa and Latin America, with an active presence in more than 40 countries. Behind the brand, there is a multicultural team of 150 people of 16 different nationalities who are able to make difficult things happen in a simple way.
At the core of the company’s product development philosophy are four corner stones to develop innovative products – what is called the TDPE framework, which stands for Technology, Design, People and Emotion.

Energy Sistem has partnered with Alchemie Commerce Private Limited, a fast growing Indian start-up in the consumer electronic licensing and distribution space. The product range will be available across all the major retail outlets, in India across20cities along with other E-Commerce platforms from March2018 onwards. In the next phase, the company plans venture in the next 50 towns across the country & finally reaching to a total of 100 cities by end of the year.
Mr K Sunil, Managing Director, Alchemie Commerce commented “We are excited to partner with Energy Sistem, a seasoned brand and a specialist in personal audio products in over 40 countries around the world.Globally, Energy Sistem continues to fulfil its role as a brand which provides quality products with superior design and technology by redefining portable audio solutions. Now is the perfect time to provide the same superlative experience to theIndian customers. We are confident that Energy Sistem’s powerful products will change the dynamics of the Indian market.”

Energy Sistem has top quality products with a competitive price with other international brands. This range of products is priced between Rs.1499 and Rs 24999/- respectively.  The brand provides 12 months of replacement warranty.
The company will launch multiple products in the following categories:
        Headphones  (Bluetooth and Wired)
        Music Box
        Party Tower System
        Tower System
With its launch, the company plans to target the new age Indian consumers who aremusic enthusiasts, technology savvy, who want to enjoy their music whenever and wherever they desire.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

ETS Announces Smart Building AI Platform Roll-Out

ETS (Energy Technology Savings), the energy technology, behavior management, and smart building services provider, today announced the rollout of its Smart Building AI Platform, further enhancing the first predictive analytics and behavior modification mobile software suite that empowers the building management community with real time mobile tools to proactively reduce energy and operating costs, and generate revenue from onsite mechanical assets.
"By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, this innovative platform can now teach buildings how to be predictively more energy conscious," said ETS CEO Jeff Hendler, who services some of the biggest developers and landlords on the East Coast. "With these mobile tools in hand, combined with our training program and Smart Building Concierge Service, our clients' achievements in energy savings, sustainability and resiliency will be the highest yet. Our platform allows property managers to change energy behavior in the building at different times during the day, which will have a dramatic impact on energy costs."
The ETS Smart Building Concierge team will be conducting Spring 2018 demand management training with each individual building operations group and management executives. As part of the Spring Training program, ETS will be rolling out and empowering property management with the company's Smart Building AI Platform across ETS' growing portfolio of large multifamily and mixed-use properties.
The ETS Smart Building AI Platform – continuously learns from each building's specific real time data to generate predictive analytics that guide energy management behavior modification. The new generation mobile software suite empowers the building management community with the essential mobile tools to proactively reduce operating costs and generate revenue from onsite mechanical assets.
The design and functionality of the new software, App and platform is largely based on user feedback ETS has collected from building operators over the last two years.
"Acknowledging the operations team at each building for driving energy efficiency, work-flow productivity, and enhancing resident comfort has been paramount to the success of our data driven platform," said ETS' Seth Reisman, SVP Concierge Services. "Training and empowering our property management operators with real-time digital demand management protocols and fault detection anomaly notifications continuously generate incredible value for our property owners.  Our Smart Building AI Platform has taken that value to a higher level creating the social visibility rewarding each staff member the deserved recognition for responding and taking action to opportunities identified by our platform to reduce costs and generate revenue." 
The new platform simplifies each user's building management experience with powerful Big Data insights from smart meters and IoT sensors that cut energy costs and generate revenue from demand management programs. The mobile interface rewards staff engagement and verifies app utilization.
Some important features include:
  • Empowers staff to perform energy savings activities with guided digital demand management protocol checklists, linking positive actions to efficiency goals and rewards
  • Provides collaborative and transparent tools to handle faults (lobby too hot, emergency door open, higher than forecast energy use, Distributive Energy Resource - CHP, Battery, Solar - unit offline, Domestic Hot Water temps below average) quickly and improve tenant comfort
  • Creates visible real time accountability for building staff through verification of engagement
  • Gamifies energy and operations property management experience
ETS is a first mover technology company digitizing large multifamily and mixed-use properties - - developing smart meter and IoT data ontologies that power Deep Learning and AI semantics that are linked to specific property management activities that significantly lower energy costs, improve work flow productivity, and extract new revenue streams from existing property assets.
The company is currently serving more than 60 million square feet of major multifamily and mixed-use properties in the Northeast and expanding California and Seattle in 2018. ETS is taking a major step forward enhancing its state of the art services for current clients and scaling its capacities for expansive growth.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

PlayFusion and Games Workshop Join Forces to Create New Warhammer AR, Physical and Digital Trading Card Game

PlayFusion, a leader in enhanced reality entertainment and makers of the ground-breaking TCG Lightseekers, today announced an exciting IP partnership with Games Workshop to develop an all-new way for tabletop war gaming and for TCG fans to experience the Warhammer Age of Sigmar universe. The new game will feature physical trading cards, a fully digital trading card game for mobile and PC, and a completely immersive augmented reality experience using PlayFusion's proprietary computer vision and augmented reality technology, the Enhanced Reality Engine.

"Partnering with Games Workshop fulfills a lifelong dream of contributing to the Warhammer universe. The majority of our team and I grew up part of the Warhammer community, so it's a huge honour for all of us to not only partner with such an iconic British company but also to contribute to one of the original and best fantasy IPs in the world," said Mark Gerhard, CEO and Co-Founder of PlayFusion. 

PlayFusion will launch the new Warhammer Age of Sigmar Champions experience in July 2018. The physical trading card game will feature hundreds of collectible cards that players can use to build their own decks to fit their strategy and tactics. The physical cards will also come to life when viewed through PlayFusion's Enhanced Reality Engine™, allowing fans to unlock various enhanced gameplay options while also giving them an exciting new way to explore the Warhammer Age of Sigmar world. PlayFusion will continue to partner with Games Workshop for many years to come to offer new game expansions and additional card reveals.

Available for iOS, Android and PC, the game will give the Warhammer community a new way to experience the universe either physically or on their favorite devices with online play. Warhammer Age of Sigmar Champions will also feature unique physical-to-digital experiences that allows players to import their physical cards into the digital game and play them online.

"Working with such a talented and accomplished group like PlayFusion is an absolute privilege. Their passion, technological expertise and just sheer 'can do' attitude has been seriously impressive," said Jon Gillard Head of Licensing for Games Workshop. "Taking the richness of Warhammer Age of Sigmar and merging it with their innovative hybrid physical/digital trading card game makes for a winning combination anyway, but add in the cool AR functionality and this game is really something special." 

Fans can pre-register for Warhammer Age of Sigmar Champions by visiting Additional details will be revealed at the Games Developers Conference in San Francisco.

Itel launches S42, A44 and announces A44 Pro with 18:9 full view display

Itel mobiles announced launch of its new range of smartphones which offer an immersive viewing experience as they come equipped with features designed to keep pace with an individual’s digital lifestyle needs. S42 and A44 will be available across key markets from 20th March, 2018 at price point of INR 8,499 and INR 5,799 respectively, and A44 Pro will hit the market around mid-April.

Commenting on the launch, Mr Marco Ma, MD, TRANSSION India said, “For us, India is one of the
top priority markets and we are glad with the response that we’ve received in India so far. Further building up on brand’s global success story, itel in a very short span of time has become one of the leading brands in India. itel has emerged as the second largest player in the overall mobile phone market in India by capturing 9 percent market share for the year 2017, registering an exponential growth of 217% year-on- year as per industry report. The reason behind itel’s continued success in the Indian market is its dynamic expansion strategy that focusses on meeting existing market requirements through its value plus proposition.”

The full screen display selfie phone S42-

The premium looking itel S42 comes equipped with 5.65-inch display and 18:9 HD+ resolution ultra-thin bezel design. The device is designed to provide a full screen display experience, thereby making it a perfect entertainment partner.

itel S42

The smartphone comes equipped with dual flash 13 MP PDAF rear & 13 MP front camera, supported by f/2.0 aperture, 5P lens and clubbed with 120-degree wide selfie angle and the bokeh beauty mode, the itel S42 is the perfect selfie companion that allows the user to click crisper and brighter images even in low light.

itel’s flagship smartphone, S42 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 with quad-core 1.4Ghz processor and latest Android TM Oreo™ operating system which offers smooth and seamless performance and further enables the users to multitask between various applications. Its sleek and sturdy design houses a 3GB RAM to smoothly run complicated applications and internal memory of 16GB which is expandable up to 128 GB.

The S42’s ultra-fast fingerprint sensor enables the users to do much more than unlocking the smartphone, supports activities like taking pictures, answering and recordings calls, controls the alarm, as well as enables fast access to applications. It also boasts of an innovative face unlock feature, which makes the phone secure.

The S42 is packed with dedicated dual-SIM capabilities and connectivity options like- 4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The 3000mAh Li-Polymer battery allows the device to run for up to 16 days on standby.

A44 & A44 Pro: 

Experience the full with beautifully designed A44 & A44 Pro targeted towards the first time smartphone users and upgraders. Designed to offer fuller experience to the consumers, A44 & A44 Pro have it all.

itel A44

With compact design and sleeker 5.45-inch full screen display with 18:9 ultra-thin bezels, both the smartphones effortlessly fit into users’ palm, allowing easy functionality. Running on Android 7.0  ougat, the smartphones are powered by MT6737M 64 bit quad-core processor for seamless multi- tasking functionality. The phones come equipped with multi-functional fingerprint sensor technology that allow users to do much more than just unlocking. Both, A44 & A44 Pro also come equipped with smart key to enable Bike mode function.

LG to showcase digital signage solutions at Passenger Terminal Expo 2018

LG Electronics, will showcase its futuristic digital signage solutions at the Passenger Terminal Expo (PTE) 2018, on March 20-22, in Stockholm, Sweden. Attention-grabbing displays, including Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS), the Ultra Stretch Signage products and the OLED range, provide crystal clear images and guarantee the best information visibility under any condition and viewing angle, leaving passengers in terminals with a satisfying smile.

The eye catcher of LG’s booth in the Stockholmsm√§ssan Congress Centre is its 55-inch OLED Circle with 360 degrees of iconic signage and a state of the art design to attract the passengers’ attention. With its elegant form, this is the ideal way for retailers and airport operators to catch the passengers interest at busy airports. Besides that, its curved flexibility maximizes the space design versatilities, which makes this product ideal for various promotion purposes, such as advertising high-end products.

Arrival and departure information
Another highlight at PTE 2018 is LG’s Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS), showing real-time arrival and departure information that operate 24/7. These FIDS-signage solutions use In Plan Switching (IPS) technology which guarantees clear colours at any vertical and horizontal angle. This means that passengers can read the information on the screens regardless of the viewing angle.

The non-glare treated displays allows to not be affected by natural light during the day or bright artificial light in the evening. LG’s products include features for additional protection against other external factors, such as sunlight, dust and humidity. Furthermore, LG provides FIDS displays with power built-in Open Pluggable Specification (OPS), requiring only one electrical supply to power the display as well as the OPS-kit.

At LG’s PTE booth, there will be two Video Walls; one for FIDS, with a much lower reflection, and one for High Brightness. The Video Walls are ideal for large public spaces, like airport terminals, where it is essential to communicate the right information, quick and effectively, so passengers can find their way around. The FIDS Video Wall is equipped with LG’s webOS System-on-Chip (SoC) smart platform, which is directly integrated with the displays. This solution will not only reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) but also eliminate additional points of failure, remove the need for an external player and requires less cabling.